Mortality in PCI Patients With Incomplete Revascularization

In a recent retrospective observational study published in JAMA Cardiology, patients that underwent percutaneous coronary interventions with incomplete revascularization were at higher risk of mortality if they had at least 90% stenosis in an incompletely revascularized vessel, incomplete revascularization in 2 or more vessels, or proximal left anterior descending artery incomplete revascularization. Continue reading

Outcomes with Primary Angioplasty and Prasugrel vs Ticagrelor

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T4V Launch and Transradial for CHIP/CTO

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State of the Art in BVS

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Outcomes of Radial vs. Femoral-Access Robotic PCI

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Everolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds in CAD

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